ElecTh0rRemover - Remove unc0ver & Electra Jailbreak with One Click
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ElecTh0rRemover - Remove unc0ver & Electra Jailbreak with One Click

You can remove unc0ver jallbreak with SemiRestore11. But there are another tools that could erase Cydia, ElecTh0rRemover and electraRemover could remove Th0r jailbreak and unc0ver jailbreak. You just need one click, then you can easily remove jailbreak and avoid jailbreak detection violating App’s regular use.



1. Please operate at your own risks, this would cause unknown issue. You are suggested to back up your device using 3uTools in advance.

2. This script could delete any individual tweak, you need to delete it manually.

3. Please operate the tool when you are in jailbreak activation status, it may result in poor usability.

4. If you want to remove system settings and user files, you are recommended to use SemiRestore11.


Please download the tools according to your iOS version:

electraRemover (v1.0) for iOS 11.0 - iOS 11.1.2

ElecTh0rRemover (v3.0.9) for iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.4(b3)



This guide would take ElecTh0rRemover for example.


Step 1 Drag the ipa file to Cydia Impactor.

ElecTh0rRemover - Remove unc0ver & Electra Jailbreak with One Click

Step 2 Navigate to Settings → General → Profile, and trust the certificate belonging to the tool.

Step 3 Launch ElecTh0rRemover app, and click the white bin to remove jailbreak.


ElecTh0rRemover - Remove unc0ver & Electra Jailbreak with One Click

For electraRemover, click “Remove Jailbreak”.


Step 4 After you click the white bin, please do not go back to home screen until the it pops up completing erasing.

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