How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools?
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V2.09 and later version of 3uTools supports iOS 10 - 10.2 jailbreak now.



1. Please backup your data with 3uTools before jailbreaking: What's Customized Backup & Customized Restore?

2. Apple has officially stopped signing iOS 10.2 and earlier iOS versions. So if you upgrade to iOS 10.2.1, you could not downgrade.

3. This jailbreak does not support iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 10.2.

4.This is a Semi-Untethered Jailbreak. 

The jailbreak must be reactivated every time the iDevice is rebooted or turned off. 

The iDevice will run normally, but none of your tweaks will work. Please keep in mind that Cydia and any other jailbroken apps are still visible on the home screen, but they may probably crash on launch. 

To re-jailbreak your iDevice, just open the yalu102 app, and press "go," and wait for it to close to the home screen. If it gets expired while running yalu102, you are suggested reinstall yalu102 with 3uTools.

5. At present, AppSync is compatible with jailbroken iDevices with iOS 10 and later. However, 3uTools temporarily does not support installing the latest AppSync. If you want to install it, you can check this tutorial: How To Install AppSync On Jailbroken iDevice?

iDevice Compatibility List 

The Yalu jailbreak is compatible with the following 64-bit iDevices:

iPad: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4; 

iPhone: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus , iPhone SE

iPod touch: iPod touch 6


Operation Steps to Jailbreak

Step 1. Download and install V2.09 3uTools. Connect your iDevice to your PC and click “Flash & JB” → "Jailbreak".

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools?

Step 2. Now click “iOS 10 ~10.2 Jailbreak” on the right side. After that, yalu102 will be installed on the iDevice. Then following the prompts of 3uTools to complete jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools?

Step 3. You need to operate on your iDevice. Head to “Settings” → “General”  “Device Management”/ “Profile”, Find and click Apple ID.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools?

Step 4. Please lauch yalu102 app on the home screen of your iDevice, and click “go”. After rebooting iDevice, you can see Cydia app on the screen, which means jailbreaking process is completed.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools?

Step 5. If you fail after clicking “go”, or Cydia icon does not appear after rebooting, you need to make multiple tries until you succeed.

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