CallBar XS Brings Everyone’s Favorite Phone Call-centric Jailbreak Tweak to iOS 12
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CallBar XS Brings Everyone’s Favorite Phone Call-centric Jailbreak Tweak to iOS 12

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 12, then you should probably add Elias Limneos’new CallBar XS jailbreak tweak to your wish list.

Just like its predecessor, CallBar XS streamlines the phone-centric functionality of your iPhone by incorporating a less intrusive incoming and outgoing phone call interface. In short, it replaces iOS’ full-screen call interface with one that’s hardly any larger than a standard notification banner, and it does so without sacrificing any functionality.

On the other hand, as you might have noticed, CallBar XS also includes a new theme that was based on a recently-released concept.

CallBar XS Brings Everyone’s Favorite Phone Call-centric Jailbreak Tweak to iOS 12

What’s more, CallBar XS supports more than just the native phone app; it also plays nicely with FaceTime calls and VoIP calls from several popular third-party calling apps including Viber.

Once installed, CallBar XS adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure it to your liking:

CallBar XS Brings Everyone’s Favorite Phone Call-centric Jailbreak Tweak to iOS 12

Here, you can:

1. Toggle CallBar XS on or off on demand

2. Configure the global view style:

    • Concept 13 Dark Glass

    • Concept 13 Light Glass

    • Concept 13 Solid Black

    • Concept 13 Solid White

    • Dark Glass

    • Light Glass

    • Solid Black

    • Solid White

    • Concept X (Curved)

    • Concept X (Flat)

3. Configure the global appearance:

    • Bottom

    • Top

4. Use CallBar XS even when on the Lock screen

5. Configure a custom Lock screen view style:

    • Concept X (Flat)

    • Concept X (Curved)

    • Light

    • Dark

    • Same as global

6. Configure a custom Lock screen appearance:

    • Concept X (Flat)

    • Concept X (Curved)

    • Light

    • Dark

    • Sam as global

7. Use app-specific buttons

8. Scroll names that are typically too long to display

9. Enable a minimal look for incoming calls

10. Toggle audio controls always expanded

11. Use CallBar XS for outgoing phone calls

12. Use CallBar XS for FaceTime Video

13. Toggle allow locking UI during a call

14. Exit the Phone app when dialing a number

15. Include a voicemail button in the CallBar XS dialer

16. Configure a custom Activator method to invoke CallBar XS

17. Toggle haptic feedback when an outgoing call is answered

18. Toggle haptic feedback when an incoming call is answered

19. Use a long-press gesture to expand to the native phone UI

20. Automatically check for and install updates to CallBar XS

The preference pane includes a full-fledged user guide for anyone who might want guidance in setting CallBar XS up for the first time, but if you’ve used any previous version of CallBar for earlier iterations of iOS, then we think you’ll feel right at home with the new version and the user guide may not be necessary.

If you’re interested in trying CallBar XS, then you can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. After downloading, you’ll need to purchase the tweak from the preference pane in the Settings app for $3.99. CallBar XS is only intended for jailbroken iOS 12 devices, so if you have iOS 11 or earlier, then you should use a previous version of CallBar instead.

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