Can't Open HEIC Photos on iOS 11?
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 With the release of iOS 11, Apple announced that it was replacing JPEG files with a new image format called HEIC. HEIC photo is a default setting on iPhone 7 and laters. HEIC  format could reduce your storage while the resolution is same with jpg.

However HEIC format is not compatible on Windows currently, which means you can't preview/view the photos on your PC after exporting. 

Can't Open HEIC Photos on iOS 11?

3uTools V2.18 bings a new feature to associate with HEIC files on Settings. If you want to view your HEIC photos, you could use 3uTools to view it directly. You could check youtube video on our site.

Method 1: Associate with heic files

Head to settings icon on top right corner of 3uTools, and click associate with heic files.

Can't Open HEIC Photos on iOS 11?

Then, all HEIC images should be read on you PC.

Can't Open HEIC Photos on iOS 11?

Method 2: Convert HEIC Image to JPG

Install the launch the latest version of 3uTools, then head to "Toolbox" ->"HEIC Image Converter".

Can't Open HEIC Photos on iOS 11?

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