The Real Reason Why Jailbreaking is Not Dead

2017-11-28 944 Posted by 3uTools

So many posts, so many people saying "jailbreaking is dead", "researchers sell exploits", "they just want money" etc. 

Well, here is the analysis of this situation.

The Real Reason Why Jailbreaking is Not Dead

Why did all of this start?

People like these have always existed, but recently I've seen a slight increase of them. And just because of one thing: the death of ModMyi & ZodTTD.

When was the last time we saw a new package in ZodTTD? When was the last time we saw a new package in ModMyi? It is pretty sure that you use these repos just once in a month, or even worse, once in a year. Those two repos have been practically dead since ages ago, despite the release of new jailbreaks. The incoming money was insufficient to mantain them, therefore now they're archived.

Does that mean jailbreaking is dead?

Absolutely not. New jailbreaks have been released over the time for massive iOS versions, and the only repo which really made use of them was BigBoss, as it was adding loads of tweaks.

"Jailbreaking is dead because iOS is more secure and exploits aren't being released"

If there's something not being released it can be anything but exploits. Just for iOS 10, Project Zero released 2 kernel exploits, 1 userland exploit and one remote exploit. They could have made thousands of $$ but that's not how P0 works. They find vulnerabilities, report them to the specific OS owners and if a patch isn't available for the public within 90 days, the vulnerability is automatically released. It being patched in betas doesn't count. It has to be a public version. 11.2 has been in beta since quite a long time. There's a big chance, if an exploit of P0 is patched when it's public, that exploit will be released. Same as last year with iOS 10.

Other than P0 there are other people who do release exploits, take as an example Adam Donenfeld who released his exploit back in August and a jailbreak was made from it.


That's the approximate time it has taken each year. The first iOS 10 jailbreak was released in mid-December.

"Jailbreaks aren't getting released"

Let's count the number of jailbreaks released in 2016:

  1. Pangu for 9.1

  2. Pangu for 9.3.3

  3. Yalu for 10.1.1

And now in 2017:

  1. Yalu for 10.2 and extra_recipe for 10.1.1

  2. Home Depot for 9.1-9.3.4

  3. Phoenix for 9.3.5

  4. etasonJB for 8.4.1

  5. Saigon for 10.2.1

Even though some of these might be semi-untethered, they're still working on it, they're learning.  


Exploits are getting released frequently, many young devs are learning more and more about iOS and jailbreaks are being made. It just takes time, so Let's be patient

Source: Reddit 

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