5 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone X – Jailbreak Wishlist

2018-02-07 1314 Posted by 3uTools

Although there are a lot of other benefits to switching over to iPhone X, it doesn’t come close to a jailbroken iPhone. Here’s why we need a jailbreak for iPhone X right now.

5 Features that Should be A Part of iPhone X

1. A Real Home Button

The good old Home button has been around since the very first iPhone and it’s definitely hard to part ways with it after almost ten years. So a real Home button is obviously at the top of every jailbreaker’s wishlist.

5 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone X – Jailbreak Wishlist

Fortunately, we already have such tweaks ready. NoPlaceLikeHome tweak by LaughingQuoll has been simulated on iPhone X XCode simulator.

2. Remove the Notch

The general public is having a hard time figuring out what to make of the notch. Some users are loving it while some hate the little black section at the top. As far as jailbreakers go, they absolutely despise the notch and are already looking for a way to hide it.

5 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone X – Jailbreak Wishlist

It would be great to get the notch blend in with the background, which will give the illusion of a full bezel. The noNotch tweak by developer Jake James will allow you to do just that once a jailbreak drops.

Here’s another concept that hides the notch in landscape mode and activates it in portrait mode.

3. Dark Mode

A Dark or Night mode will be very useful since this smartphone uses an OLED display. iOS 11 doesn’t have a native Dark mode as of yet so this will be a welcome addition.

The main advantage of OLED screens is that you can actually turn off certain pixels. Therefore, a Dark mode will end up saving a lot of battery while giving you the benefit of Dark mode.

5 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone X – Jailbreak Wishlist

Remember, we can’t do this with the LCD screens in older models. There is already a dark mode for these devices but it doesn’t save battery.

4. Bioprotect with Face ID

BioProtect is a must-have jailbreak tweak for keeping your device safe and secure. Until now, you could only use TouchID but FaceID will add a whole another dimension of security to this amazing tweak. FaceID is extremely secure and nearly impossible to break.

5 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone X – Jailbreak Wishlist

5. FaceID-based Activator Gestures

Activator can achieve so much more with the new FaceID facial recognition system. For example, you could add a “blink to unlock” gesture to instantly unlock your iPhone.

You can also enable gestures like blinking twice to close an app or lock your device. There are a lot of possibilities when you integrate FaceID with Activator gestures.

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