Apple Must Pay $2 Million to Employees It Screwed Over

2016-12-15 796 Posted by 3uTools

Apple’s former retail employees have come away victorious in their long legal battle against Apple in California.

A jury has ordered Apple to pay $2 million, after the iPhone-maker has found to have illegally denied retail staff meal and rest breaks and took weeks or months to give departing employees their last checks.

The class action lawsuit between Apple and its retail employees has been fought since 2011 when four employees in San Diego filed a class action complaint. The case quickly grew to include 21,000 former and current employees in the state of California.

Apple Must Pay $2 Million to Employees It Screwed Over

In the original lawsuit filing, the four employees claimed that Apple policy forbad them from even discussing working conditions.

Despite winning the case, former employees won’t be getting much cash out of it. The $2 million dollars will be put into a fund to pay for the lawyers. Workers will then get a a maximum of $95. A pitance for their problems, but I’m sure employees at Foxconn would love to have shorter break times be the worst of their problems.

Source: cultofmac

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