How to Erase iDevice’s Data Remotely?
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When your iDevice is lost or stolen by careless, how do you erase all its data in the first time if you didn't set a power on password before? If you want to erase iDevices data remotely, youre suggested to turn on Find My iPhone in your daily life.

How to Erase iDevice’s Data Remotely?

Warm prompt:

* This method will erase all the data of your iDevice, so you’d better not try it casually.

* This method has no effect if your iDevice is turned off.

Step1: Please come to this site: https://www.icloud.com

Step2: Enter your iDevice’s Apple ID and Password to log in.

Step3: Select the option Find iPhone.

Step4: Click Erase iPhone, and select the iDevice that you want to erase.

Step5: iDevice will show you a pop up window, please click Erase to continue the following operations.

Step6: You’ll be asked to enter iDevice's Apple ID and Password again.

Step7: Enter an available telephone number and click Next.

Step8: At this moment, your lost or stolen phone will receive a message. Continue to click Done.

Step9: It will takes a few minutes to erase your iDevice’s data in general, wait until this process is finished. After it’s done, click Done and then this page will be closed.

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