Don't Like the iPhone X's Notch? There's an App That Can Help

2018-02-08 1572 Posted by 3uTools

Many iPhone X users will eventually get used to the “notch” on the iPhone X housing the camera array, but if you’re one of the early adopters who simply can’t deal with it, there is a new solution you might want to check out. 

Over the weekend, developer Axiem Systems released an app on the App Store called Notch Remover.

Don't Like the iPhone X's Notch? There's an App That Can Help

As the name suggests, the app allows you to effectively eliminate the notch on the iPhone X by adding a black bar to the top of images that you can then manually assign as wallpapers from the phone’s Settings menu. With the modified wallpapers, the “ears” atop the display will fade away and your display will look normal again.

Why exactly Apple didn’t decide Notch Remover breaks any of these rules is unclear, but nonetheless, it is available on the App Store for $0.99 right now. It won’t change the way that apps function or the way that videos look on your iPhone X, but if you’re desperate to see less of the notch, it’s probably your best option at the moment.

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