How to Deal With Jet Black iPhone7's Scratch-off Paint?

2017-07-28 4933 Posted by 3uTools

Apple' s new Jet Black finish on the iPhone7 or iPhone7 Plus has a high gloss look and a glass-like grip that makes it super tempting to use without a case. But Apple correctly warns customers that the shiny surface is prone to ‘micro abrasions’ from regular use and recommends using a case to avoid gathering these tiny scratches.

How to Deal With Jet Black iPhone7's Scratch-off Paint?

However, most of the iPhone users enjoy using iPhones without cases.What can we do if when some of the paint was scratched off on iPhone7 carelessly?

When some of the car finish has peeled offWe can use a paint pen to repair. Similarly, we can also touch up iPhone7 by using a paint pen.


Firstly, we need a paint pen, matte black, of course. It takes only 2 minute to get your iPhone7 recovered.

How to Deal With Jet Black iPhone7's Scratch-off Paint?

Key point:

You are not suggested to paint on too thickly, just one touch. After using the hairdryer, we could wipe gently and quickly with lens cloth which could improve polishing effect.


It is hard to recover iPhone7 perfectly, but we could try our best to make it close to a new one.

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