TSS Saver SHSH Blob Tool by Conan [FAQ]

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TSS Saver is one of the most popular tools for saving your SHSH2 Blobs. Here’s a quick overview of how this tool works and what you must know before using it.

TSS Saver - frequently asked questions

Q. What is TSS Saver?

A. TSS Saver is an online interface for TSS Checker utility. This tool is developed by Conan and TSS Checker is developed by Tihmstar.

It is a web-based tool so you only require an internet connection to use it.

TSS Saver SHSH Blob Tool by Conan [FAQ]

Here’s a list of its salient features.

  • Save SHSH Blobs automatically.

  • Download ZIP archive containing your Blobs (for local storage).

  • Save Blobs to Google Drive/Dropbox.

  • Easier to use than using the Terminal method.

Q. How to save SHSH2 blobs with TSS saver?

A. Saving SHSH Blobs with TSS Saver is very easy. Simply follow the tutorial given below.

How to save blobs for Apple TV?

How To Backup iPhone SHSH2 File?

Q. Is TSS saver better than savethemblobs?

A. No, Savethemblobs is a script that only saves SHSH Blobs. It does not save SHSH2 Blobs. Generator is needed for use with Future Restore. For the uninitiated, SHSH2 Blobs are required for Prometheus (Future Restore) whereas iDeviceReRestore requires SHSH Blobs

Q. How do I get my ECID number?

A. You can use 3uTools to get the ECID value for your iOS device.

TSS Saver SHSH Blob Tool by Conan [FAQ]

Q. How do I get the board configuration of my device?

A. You can find your board configuration using Battery Memory System Status Monitor (BMSSM) or Geekbench 4.

Both of these applications are available on the official App Store.

TSS Saver SHSH Blob Tool by Conan [FAQ]

Q. How to fix " Board Configuration not Recognized" error? 

A.This error means you are not entering the correct board configuration for your device. Find the correct board configuration and use that.

Q. How can I find the generator inside SHSH2 Blob? 

A. The generator is present in the middle of your SHSH2 file. This is happens because TSS Checker saves both OTA and Erase blobs. Erase blobs contain the generator.

Q. What is an apnonce? 

A. A nonce is a random number that is used only once. It is used in authentication protocols to stop replay attacks.

Q. What does noapnonce folder mean? 

A. This folder means that a manually specified apnonce has not been set.

Q. Why is TSS saver down right now?

A. You may get the following message –

502 Bad Gateway

The means the server of TSS Saver is under heavy load. This happens because a lot of users try to access it at the same time.

Conan has already setup a new script that beings the tool back online whenever it goes offline.

Q. Why doesn't the link contain my shsh2 blob?

A. This happens due to a “segmentation fault” error. Simply, use the tool again and it should work within 2-3 attempts.

Q. TSS Saver seems complicated. Is there any easy way to SHSH2 Blobs? 

A. Yes, you can use Telegram Jailbreak Bot to save your Blobs. It is much easier to use than TSS Saver. Follow the tutorial given below.

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