How to Solve All Sources in Cydia Are Empty After jailbreak?
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As shown below, some of you may meet this problem that iPhone shows a reminder “could not open file/var/lib/dpkg/status-open (2 no such file or directory)” while you running cydia after jailbreak. If this problem happens, that means the whole folder /var/lib is gone. This tutorial is mainly introducing how to solve all sources in Cydia are blank after jailbreak.

How to Solve All Sources in Cydia Are Empty After jailbreak?

Step 1: Download and install the latest 3uTools on your PC.

Step 2: Run 3uTools, connect iPhone to PC using the USB cable. Click Toolbox -> Open SSH. After opeing the SSH channel, please keep the IP, Port, Default ID(Root) and Password in mind.

How to Solve All Sources in Cydia Are Empty After jailbreak?

Step 3: Download Winscp.exe.

Step 4: Run Winscp.exe -> enter the IP, Port, Default ID(Root), Password(alpine) -> click Save.

Step 5: After finish filling the blanks above, click Confirm, and then you can log into Winscp.

Step 6: An alarm may appear on your computer, please click Yes.

Step 7: And then you’ve connected your iDveice to the computer successfully. At this time, you need to download a compressed file “var.lib.apt.tar” on your computer.

Step 8: Please drag the file “var.lib.apt.tar” into jailbreak files directly.

Step 9: Right click the compressed file “var.lib.apt.tar” ->select “File Custom Commands” ->click “enter ...”.

Step 10: Enter “tar-xpvf!-c/” in custom command -> select the option “Display the results in the terminal” -> click Confirm-> continue to click “Confirm”. A console window should be displayed on your computer, just click “Close”.

All the operations are done till now. Restart Cydia and then Cydia can work normally.


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