What Should you do if Backup Failed With Error -205?
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When trying with Full Backup, Error moving items from snapshot (MBErrorDomain/205), what's next?

MB Error -205


Reason: When using 3uTools for backup, error 205 occurs when the backup reaches 99%. 

This problem may be caused by some cache problems of the mobile phone, or the user has changed the version number by himself.



A: The cache problem can be solved by simply restarting the device.

(Make sure that the original data cable is connected to the USB port on the back of the case. Don't touch the device and cable during the backup process.)


B: If you modify the version number before, you need to find the Info.plist file in the backup file, and use Notepad to change the version number back. 

(Example: Search 10.3.1 and change it to 10.2.1, and then change the version number of 10.3.1 14E304 to the version number of 10.2.1.)

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