Apple Employees Starting to Receive Apple Cards

2019-05-13 2694 Posted by 3uTools

Mobile leaker Ben Geskin shared images on Twitter of the consumer packaging of the new Apple credit card coming from Apple. Geskin reports some Apple employees are already starting to get the card which was announced in March. 

Apple Employees Starting to Receive Apple Cards

In the images, the actual Apple employee's name was replaced by Geskin's to protect their identity. The packaging shows a similar pairing process as the AirPods, with instructions to "Wake iPhone and hold here."

The Apple Card resides both digitally in your iPhone for Apple Pay payments but also comes in a physical form made entirely of titanium. The card is laser etched with your name and does not have the card number or expiration date printed on it. Instead, those numbers will be available on your iPhone's Wallet App. There's still a traditional magstripe on the back, along with a built-in chip for chip and pin purchases. The Apple Card is expected to launch this summer.

Source: MacRumors

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