Latest Samsung Ads Mock the iPhone X Notch, Lack of Split-screen Multitasking & SD Card
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Latest Samsung Ads Mock the iPhone X Notch, Lack of Split-screen Multitasking & SD Card

The renewed bashing continues as Samsung of South Korea on Thursday released three new anti-iPhone ads, part of its current “Ingenius” ad campaign, which poke fun of that infamous iPhone X notch while ridiculing the handset’s lack of an SD card slot and split-screen multitasking.

And here they are.


That’s right, the notch family from Samsung’s earlier ads makes a cameo appearance! “Does the X have a full-screen design without that notch? Nah,” reads the video’s description on YouTube.


“Does the X have a MicroSD slot? Negative.”


“Does the X let you split-screen two apps, without having to download another app? Lol nah.”

Samsung: the anti-Apple

iOS 12 does not support iPad multitasking modes like Split View or Slide Over.

If Apple plans on rolling out split-screen multitasking support on iPhone, they could do so soon this fall thanks to iPhone X Plus, the biggest-screened iPhone with a reported 6.5-inch display that could be perfect for running two apps in side-by-side multitasking mode.

Previous ads from the “Ingenius” series focused on the Galaxy S9 features like the camera, fast charging and the headphone jack. The three ads that kicked off the new campaign lambasted iPhone X’s LTE speeds and poked fun at the very concept of the Apple Store and the Genius Bar.

Source: idb

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