iOS 13 Will Finally Remove the Volume HUD on iPhone

2019-02-22 1701 Posted by 3uTools

Apple’s next-gen iPhone lineup will likely have a few nice surprises in store for us, but believe it or not, I’m actually more excited about the release of iOS 13. As you may remember, a number of high-profile bugs and system performance issues in 2017 and 2018 prompted Apple to scale back a number of its more ambitious iOS features when rolling out iOS 12. As a result, iOS 12 was something of a Snow Leopard release to the extent that its main selling points centred on behind-the-scenes improvements such as more efficient battery life.

While a handful of the more intriguing iOS 13 features have already leaked — with a redesigned home screen and a new dark mode being two prime examples — the reality is that much of what Apple has planned with iOS 13 remains a well-kept secret, at least for now.

iOS 13 Will Finally Remove the Volume HUD on iPhone

Citing an anonymous source, Max Weinbach took to Twitter yesterday and revealed that Apple is finally planning on fixing one of the more annoying aspects of the iPhone. Specifically, Weinbach notes that the pesky and obtrusive volume HUD we’ve all grown to hate will be nothing but a distant memory once Apple drops iOS 13.

Android users will likely scoff — and understandably so — at folks who get excited about something as seemingly trivial as this, but for longtime iOS users, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

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