New Concept Video Shows Off Some iOS 11 Features
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WWDC is just a few days away and Tim Cook has seemingly made good on his promise to double down on product secrecy. While we have a general idea of what new software and hardware Apple will introduce next week, we’re going into WWDC 2017 with decidedly less information than we’ve had in previous years. That being the case, all eyes will be laser-focused on Craig Federighi this coming Monday when he reveals what type of new features Apple is planning to pack into iOS 11. While the excitement surrounding the forthcoming iPhone 8 is understandable, a brand new iOS release is exciting in its own right.

Over the past few weeks and months, we’ve seen scattered reports regarding what type of new iOS 11 features Apple may introduce. Some of the more notable iOS 11 rumors we’ve seen suggest Apple next week will roll out support for peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay, an enhanced version of Siri, and multi-user support for FaceTime video conferencing. There are also rumblings that Apple may finally bestow iOS with a Dark Mode option, but we’ve seen this particular rumor surface around WWDC for years only to quickly whither away.

In any event, with Apple doing a great job of keeping upcoming iOS 11 features under wraps, all we can do for the time being is speculate what type of new and exciting features Apple might have in store for us. That being the case, some designers have let their imaginations run wild and have delivered some pretty snazzy and intuitive iOS 11 concept videos. One of the better ones we’ve seen surfaced just two weeks ago and features a whopping 100 iOS 11 features packed into an easy to digest 11-minute video. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet.

More recently, the ConceptsiPhone YouTube Channel released their own wish-list video comprised of iOS 11 features. As concept videos tend to go, not every feature imagined in the video is practical, but there are nonetheless a few crafty suggestions we wouldn’t mind seeing Apple implement once it releases the next-gen version of iOS. Most notably, we would love to see Apple make the Control Center in iOS much more versatile.

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