How to Fix "Unable to Read ECID" in Easy Flash?

2018-12-07 7339 Posted by 3uTools

Did you encounter any error codes in 3uTools when you flashing an iOS firmware?

Here is the solution about how to fix "Error: Unable to read ECID(Normal)", as below:

How to Fix

Why did this error happen?

  1. A Broken cable 

  2. Unstable USB port 

  3. Abnormal driver 

  4. Partly hardware problem

How to solve the problem?

  1. Change an original cable and try again

  2. Use a rear USB port on your PC

  3. Fix iTunes driver problem in 3uTools

  4. Restore in iTunes

  5. Ask Apple support if the device still in the warranty. (Connect with 3uTools, check the warranty on the "iDevice" page)

  6. Check the hardware problem in the local authoritative repair store

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