What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

2018-09-21 4863 Posted by 3uTools

It has been two months since V2.21 3uTools was released. Now V2.22 3uTools is released with improvements. In these two months, 3uTools Developer Team has made effort to satisfy 3uTools users. However, we may not meet all the needs because of various factors. 


What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

New Features

1. After you update to V2.22 3uTools, there is a new feature at the left side, ‘UDisk’, virtual USB drive. As the name implies, this is a virtual usb disk that can allow you store documents. If you don’t have a USB drive, you can import the documents here. This is not just an iPhone, but also a USB drive.


What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

2. As result of only supporting mov format, not many users know 3uTools can allow users to import videos to Camera Roll. In V2.22 3uTools, users can import both mov and mp4 format videos to Camera Roll.


What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

3. Directly rename the customized ringtone after you make it.

 What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?


Let's move to iDevice’s info, 3uTools displays your iDevice with its actual wallpaper(Home Screen). Compare to the one-size-fits-all wallpaper in old versions, this update improves user experience. Moreover, to visualize the charging status, 3uTools adds an icon.

What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

Other improvements

  • Optimize prompt for Personal Hotspot consumption. If you forget to turn off personal hotspot on your device, when you connect to PC, it will consume your cellular data.

  • Optimize management of Photos and Data.

  • Optimize prompt for iDevice connection error and restoring App.

  • Optimize iTunes Utility.

What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

Fix Bugs

In the older versions, some Windows 10 users may encounter this error while flashing. V2.22 3uTools has already fixed this bug, please update to the latest version if you meet this error.

What’s New in V2.22 3uTools?

Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 will be released soon, 3uTools will add support once it is released. If you have any opinion and suggestion after you update to 3uTools V2.22, please feel free to contact us. 

Vietnamese introduction: Những thay đổi trên 3uTools V2.22

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