How to Use Your iPhone to Set Up Your AirPods?

2018-07-03 4527 Posted by 3uTools

AirPods are now up for sale on Apple’s site. Do you know how to set up your Airpods with your iDevices ? And how to charge how to connect ? Today 3uTools made a tutorials for you to use Airpods quicker.

How to Use Your iPhone to Set Up Your AirPods?


Use your iPhone to set up your AirPods

1. Press the Home button to unlock your iPhone screen.

2. Open the case—with your AirPods inside—and hold it next to your iPhone.

3. A setup animation appears on your iPhone.

4. Tap Connect, then tap Done.


If you want to connect your Airpods with iPad or Apple Watch, you just need to put Airpods to the case and open again, press the setting menu on the rear case until the status light turn into white color.


Using Airpods to Listen Music


Generally, Airpods will play music from iPhone and iPad automatically, but if you meet something you need to adjust by yourself to operate, you can do it as below: 

1. Open your iDevice.

2. Scroll up the control center from Home screen. 

3. Find "Audio" and choose which you want to play.


Charging For Your AirPods


You need to put Airpods to the case ,charge 15 minutes, you can use it 3 hours. The Airpods case have a battery inside, support 24 hours charge. But how to charge the case ? Actually is a questions, you need to connect another port of The Lighting Cable to an USB ports to charge the case.

Customized Airpods settings

Airpods have many features and you can turn off some on your iPhone. Perhaps you can change double click setting, to activate Siri or set for Pause/Play Music.


You need at least one of these :

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.2 or later

  • Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later

  • Mac with macOS Sierra or later

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