4 Best Tweaks in 2017

2017-12-29 1890 Posted by 3uTools

Jailbreak community members manually typed responses to questions into a form to create a pool of contestants. The second round narrows that pool down into finalists, letting voters pick from the best of the best for each category.

Here 3uTools lists the first question from this poll, do you know which 4 tweaks are candidates? Follow us to read:

4 Best Tweaks in 2017


Maize Cydia tweak ports iOS 11 Control Center to iOS 10 firmware. It is developed by developers Andrew Wiik and LaughingQuoll. Read more here

4 Best Tweaks in 2017


2. Springtomize 4 

Users jailbreak their iDevice so they can customize different aspects of iOS. With Springtomize 4 for iOS 10, you can customize anything you want from comfort of one tweak. And Springtomize 4 for iOS10 is compatible with Yalu jailbreak. Read more here

4 Best Tweaks in 2017

3. Activator 

Ryan Petrich is a well-known developer in jailbreak community. Activator, this plugin allows jailbrokers to set custom-defined gesture for some tasks. Read more here

4 Best Tweaks in 2017


Apple introduces new dark mode feature is call “Smart Invert” in iOS 11. But, iOS 10 users can enable this feature as much better with Eclipse 4 or Noctis Cydia tweaks. Read more here

4 Best Tweaks in 2017

Note: The poll for the second round of the 2017 Jailbreak Awards will close on New Year’s Day (January 1st, 2018), so make sure you participate before the window closes! Here it is.

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