Why Do We Need An iPhone X Jailbreak?

2017-11-06 296 Posted by 3uTools

Why Do We Need An iPhone X Jailbreak?

More and more people get iPhone X these days, but they hope to get the iPhone X jailbreak. Here are the reasons.

  1. Bring up the status bar information so it fits better next to the notch, if needed make the font of it smaller.

  2. Add an option to unlock the phone without swiping up.

  3. Add control center to the multitasking screen instead of stretching your thumb every time.

  4. Force close apps by swiping up instead of holding one down first. One can simply swipe from bottom to get back.

  5. Get back battery percentage in the status bar.

  6. Make safari landscape mode wider on the iPhone X.

  7. Customize lock screen force touch buttons.

  8. Hide the "home" bar.

  9. Dark mode is even more important for the X due to OLED burn-ins.

And obvious all the other tweaks everyone uses.

Do you have a jailbreak tweak you wish you had for the X? You can tell us in our Facebook group or comment below on our twitter. 

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