Sinatra - A Stunning Now-Playing Page For iOS 10
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Sinatra replaces your current tiny music page with a redesigned look heavily focused on staying true to the existing aesthetics of iOS 10 to provide a natural, fluid Control Center page you will soon forget isn't stock.

Sinatra is developed by tweak developer Candoizo. Compatible with a ton of popular tweaks such as Masq, Horseshoe, Noctis, Harp, and more, now you can instantly access a full sized, beautiful tool to put you in-charge of your music from anywhere.

Sinatra - A Stunning Now-Playing Page For iOS 10

If you can’t stand Apple's barren, dreary mess of empty space (and hate the road they're taking in iOS 11) , this will quickly become your favorite change of tune! No options to configure.


Sinatra is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for $1.99. It is compatible only with jailbroken iDevices running on iOS 10.

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