NGXPlay Cydia Tweak Runs all iOS Apps on CarPlay Screen
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How NGXPLAY works:

By default, you can only open compatible applications on your CarPlay screen. If any application is incompatible with CarPlay, it simply won’t work. This is where NGXPlay Cydia tweak comes in.

NGXPlay runs any application on your CarPlay irregardless of their compatibility. It is developed by Eason Wu, who is a newcomer on the jailbreak scene.

If you want to run 3rd party app on your CarPlay screen, these are necessary.

1. CarPlay system has installed on your car;

2. Required iPhone 5 and later versions;

3. iDevice has been jailbroken on iOS 9-iOS 10.2.

Download NGXPlay

NGXPlay Cydia Tweak Runs all iOS Apps on CarPlay Screen

It doesn’t run the applications natively on the CarPlay screen. It simply mirrors the applications meaning you won’t have a keyboard. 

Once installed, you can configure it in the Settings. The Settings section allows you to:

  • Enable/disable the tweak

  • Set FPS (Frames per second)

  • Select Applications

NGXPlay Cydia Tweak Runs all iOS Apps on CarPlay Screen

If you are wondering why this tweak is so useful, read this:

The whole point of CarPlay is to port your iPhone’s functionality to a screen in your car. This allows you to use your iPhone straight from that screen.

This protects you from the dangers of using your phone while driving. The screen is also much more ergonomic while driving.

  • If you want to test this tweak, you must have CarPlay in your car.

  • NGXPlay is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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