What’s OTA? How to Upgrade iPhone Via OTA?

2017-05-02 7495 Posted by 3uTools

You may always meet this situation that you’re suggested (or not suggested) to upgrade iDevice when Apple releases a new iOS version, but do you know what’s OTA? What do you need to pay attention to when you upgrade iDevice via OTA?

What’s OTA? How to Upgrade iPhone Via OTA?

What's OTA?

Over-the-air programming (OTA) refers to various methods of distributing new software, configuration settings, and even updating encryption keys to devices like cellphonesset-top boxes or secure voice communication equipment (encrypted 2-way radios). One important feature of OTA is that one central location can send an update to all the users, who are unable to refuse, defeat, or alter that update, and that the update applies immediately to everyone on the channel. A user could "refuse" OTA but the "channel manager" could also "kick them off" the channel automatically. Often, a carrier will send a broadcast SMS text message to all subscribers (or those using a particular model of phone) asking them to dial a service number to receive a software update.

What do you need to pay attention to when you upgrade iDevice via OTA?

* Ensure iDevice is fully charged, if the electricity of your iDevice is less than 50 percent, you need to charge it while upgrading.

* Upgrade iDevice via OTA may cause abnormal errors and unstable iOS system.

* Make sure you have a good and stable network.

* Check if your iDevice has enough storage space.

How to upgrade iDevice via OTA?

Make sure your iDevice is connected to a Wi-Fi network first, click Settings -> General -> Software Update. Your iDevice will check for updates, when the available update appears click Download and Install -> Agree to Terms and Conditions and when download and installation is complete your iOS device will reboot.


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