Activating the Apple Card is Available in the Latest iOS

2019-03-28 2929 Posted by 3uTools

Pairing AirPods is simple, and that’s by design. Apple wanted to make sure that you could just set it up and go, without having to deal with menus or settings (unless you want to).

And it turns out that the setup process for the incoming Apple Card, the physical iteration of it anyway, is going to be just as simple. Apple seeded the first developer beta of iOS 12.3 today, and it’s been discovered in the software just how activating the physical Apple Card will work. And it’s a lot like AirPods and the HomePod.

Activating the Apple Card is Available in the Latest iOS

Not every merchant accepts Apple Pay though, so Apple is also introducing a physical version of the Apple Card. It is made of titanium and only shows the user’s name, the Apple logo, and includes the chip for it to be used with traditional POS devices.

When an owner of the Apple Card gets their physical (titanium) card, they will be requested to bring the card next to their iPhone. Once they do, a card will slide up from the bottom of the screen and show an animation of the card being removed from packaging. There is then a simple, single button to activate the card. Press that, it’ll go through a quick process, and the physical card will be activated.

It all seems pretty straightforward. Especially when you compare that to activating other cards, which can oftentimes mean making a quick phone call. Though, some banks, like Capital One, have a pretty easy setup for their cards by utilizing their mobile app. Apple’s method is still easier.

Source: 9to5mac

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