Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Includes Support for AirPower

2019-03-20 277 Posted by 3uTools

Yesterday, Apple released the sixth developer beta of iOS 12.2. Looking into what is in the update, we noticed it brings significant changes to the component responsible for wireless charging, including the code responsible for identifying that two devices are charging on the same mat.

AirPower can charge up to three devices at once, using the device with the largest screen to display the charging status for all devices on the mat. It shows 3D animations of the devices on the screen when they start charging, which is in part what this system component is for.

Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Includes Support for AirPower

These changes strongly suggest Apple is getting ready to finally ship AirPower to consumers. We’ve seen rumors earlier this year about AirPower going into production in January 21st, if that’s true, it means Apple’s new wireless charging mat will be available for purchase soon.

Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Includes Support for AirPower

This week, Apple seems to be doing new announcements each day, with new iPad Air and iPad mini announced yesterday and new iMacs announced today. MacRumors says they heard from sources that a new iPod Touch model is staged for release tomorrow. We also know that a new generation of AirPods with support for “Hey, Siri” is in the works. If AirPower is finally released this week, it would probably only be delivered after iOS 12.2 gets released, since the new version of the OS is required for it to work properly. iOS 12.2 will likely have its final release to customers after Apple’s special event on Monday.

The release of AirPower will be the end of a two-year-long wait since the announcement of AirPower on the same keynote that announced iPhone 8 and iPhone X, in September 2017. Apple first promised to ship the product in 2018, but the year came and went without any news about it, with Apple actively removing information about the device from its website. With the release of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Apple included information about AirPower in the device’s documentation. More recently, reports suggested that they had fixed the product’s issues and were starting production.

Source: 9to5mac

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