2015Q3: The Sales Volume of Apple’s iPhone Increased by 133% in the Middle East

2016-01-05 3183 Posted by 3uTools

2015Q3: The Sales Volume of Apple’s iPhone Increased by 133% in the Middle East


Nowadays the sales growth of smartphones have become slow in most developed countries, but the shipment of smart mobile phones have increased by 31% in Middle East in 2015Q3. And not only that, the sales volume of Apple’s iPhone has even increased by 133% in the special area.


“The sales growth of mobile phones is slowing in the Asian and Latin American markets, and at the same time the Middle Ease will be the new battlefield for the current mobile phone manufacturers to earn the market shares,” said Neil Shah from Counterpoint Research.


“This area owns the particular geography edges and diversified feature, and in addition to that, there are some emerging markets which are fit for the development of global mobile phones,” he added.


Counterpoint Research has just released a report, indicating that in the past year Samsung had lost the shipment quantity by 1/5 and at the same time more and more consumes at this area began upgrading the phones to the currently smart mobile devices. What’s more, at present the smart mobile phone sold in the Middle East occupied more than half of the total shipment quantity.


Considering that smart mobile phones supporting LTE network only accounted for less than 1/3 mobile phones for sale, we can get to know Apple’s iPhone has almost gained 1/10 market share in high end LTE smart phones in this area. If the rumored iPhone 6c is released in next March, it will a great contribution to the sales volume of Apple’s iPhone in 2016. Obviously it’s impossible for Apple to unveil the next generation of iPhone 7 in the next spring, while it is currently very hard for the Apple to face the stock price fall.


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