iPhone’s Photographing is So Powerful due to its Camera Team of 800 Members
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iPhone’s Photographing is So Powerful due to its Camera Team of 800 Members


Apple’s CEO Dim Cook revealed on the latest episode “Inside Apple ” on “60 Minutes” that there is a speicial team consisting of 800 members specialized in the research and development of iPhone’s camera technologies.


This particular team is made up of engineers and other specialists and experts, and its leader is Graham Townsend. Specifically, the team director indicated that the iPhone’s camera contains more than two hundred independent components. And then he demonstrated how the Apple simulates the different application situations the iPhone’s camera is used, in order to test the particular performance of iPhone’s camera.


Of course the Apple’s competitors in mobile device area will operate similar tests, but the Apple’s camera team has a larger scale so as to highlight the company attaches great importance to the feature of photographing. In particular, the Apple makes a series of ad videos in relation to iPhone’s camera almost every year, and emphatically introduces the performance improvements of iPhone’s camera when the new generation of iPhone is released.


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