Apple Cut Down the Price of iPhone5s by 43% in India

2015-12-15 3701 Posted by 3uTools

Apple Cut Down the Price of iPhone5s by 43% in India


The latest news showed that Apple had just cut down the price of iPhone 5s by 43% in India in order to cope with the competetion from a variety of Android phones, for example, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and etc. In fact, the prices of iPhone series in India have been one of the highest ones in worldwide.

According to Indian media, in this September the sales price of iPhone 5s was as high as 44,500 rupees (about $665 dollars), but at this moment the particular price has been reduced to 24,999 rupees (about $370 dollars). That's to say, the sales price of iPhone 5s in India has decreased by 44% in the past three months.


It is obvious that this price drop strategy by Apple can indicate how serious the competition of mobile phone market is in India. Especially In recent years, the Chinese Android phone Manufacturers focuses on entering the Indian market, and had gained considerable growth in the Indian mobile phone market.


In particular, Xiaomi’s Mi phones and Redmi series became very popular in the particular market. As far as the economic aspect is concerned, the mass of Indian mobile phone users can’t afford the high price of iPhone while the Mi and Redmi phones can provide a satisfactory quality and performance with a much lower price.


In the past three months, the price of iPhone 5s has been reduced three times. As of now, the iPhone 5s is the most popular generation of Apple iPhone in India, almost occupying a half of the total sales volume of iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple has just gained 1% of the market share in India owing to the high prices of iPhone in local market. The sale quantity of smart mobile phone at about 100 dollars is almost equal to a half of the total smart mobile phone sales volume in India.


Apple has sold out 1.7 million units of iPhone in India in the past financial year, and the Wall Street analysts have indicated that Apple can't realize the expected growth of iPhone in India if the high price is still maintained locally. Anyway, this price-reduction strategy can help Apple compete against Samsung which holds 23.2% of the mobile device market share in India.

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