New Performance Tests Show Just How Dominant the iPhone 7 Really Is

2016-11-16 1921 Posted by 3uTools

New Performance Tests Show Just How Dominant the iPhone 7 Really Is

When people actually got around to testing these brawny Android phones and pitting them against Apple’s iPhone lineup, they quickly realized that Apple’s smart phones routinely obliterated the competition. Again, and again, and again, and again.


On paper and in real-world speed tests, Apple’s iPhones always seem to come out on top. It’s not terribly surprising to people who are paying attention, of course, because Apple devotes tremendous resources to developing its own key components, optimizing them, and streamlining its iOS software. Well, a new batch of tests have just been released, and they help illustrate once again just how dominant Apple’s latest iPhone 7 really is.


We’ve seen the benchmarks and we’ve seen a handful of speed and performance tests, and now a new video published by YouTube user “Tech of Tomorrow” combines a number of performance related tests into a single video. We see how the Pixel stacks up against the iPhone 7 in a few key areas, and you might be surprised at how big the discrepancy is even with something as simple as Wi-Fi transfer speeds.


Then we get to the standard “real-world” performance test where the same series of apps is opened in order on both devices to see which phone opens them more quickly. A second “round” then tests how well each phone switches apps and holds them in memory. Long story short, the results are pretty embarassing — Apple’s iPhone 7 completed both rounds in about the same amount of time it took the Pixel to complete its first round. There are a number of reasons for the performance gap spanning things related to hardware, platform and third-party development, but the endgame is simple: The user experience on the iPhone 7 is dramatically faster than it is on the Google Pixel.

Click here to watch the full video.

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