Augmented Reality Walking Dead Game Brings Zombies into our World

2017-08-31 1104 Posted by 3uTools

Augmented Reality Walking Dead Game Brings Zombies into our World

AR has a bunch of real-world uses that will help make our lives easier. Sometimes, though, you just want to use cutting edge technology to blow away a few brain-hungry zombies.

That’s a noble goal that upcoming iOS game The Walking Dead: Our World is more than willing to make a reality. Well, an augmented reality, at least.

Check out the super atmospheric trailer below.

While it’s a dangerous thing to base your excitement surrounding a game on manipulated gameplay trailers, if the finished title can come close to replicating the environment set out in the trailer, this could be brilliant. The idea of navigating real world settings, while battling zombies, interacting with characters, and picking up a wide range of weapons sounds like a “can’t miss” prospect.

Our favorite thing about the trailer? The suggestion that players will be able to band together in one giant augmented reality experience.

As far as a Pokémon GO for grown-ups goes, we can’t wait to see what this delivers. If it can achieve a fraction of the success of that particular title, the makers of The Walking Dead: Our World are going to be laughing all the way to bank.

Sadly there’s no announced release date yet, though. We’ll try to contain our excitement for now!

Source: cult of mac

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