Get Your Hot hands Ready for Ellen DeGeneres' New iOS Game

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Get Your Hot hands Ready for Ellen DeGeneres' New iOS Game

On “Ellen,” Hot Hands is played by an audience member, who must shout the name of the celebrity whose picture is shown on screen and then press a big red button to move on to the next celebrity. On iOS, anyone can do pretty much the same, anywhere, anytime.

Hot Hands’ voice mode is the mode that’s most faithful to the game’s origins. In it, you have to say the name of the celebrity you see and then tap the red button on your iOS device’s screen. Just be sure to say the name loudly and clearly, as the game uses speech recognition to determine whether your answer is correct or not.

If you don’t feel like excitedly shouting celebrity names (or if you just want to play the game while you’re on your commute or when you’re bored in a meeting), you can play in either multiple choice mode or initials mode.

In multiple choice mode, you’ll be given four choices for each celebrity picture, and you just have to tap the correct name of the celebrity.

In initials mode, which seems to be the most panic-inducing, you need to use the keyboard to type the initials of the celebrity shown. If the celebrity goes by one name (like Rihanna), simply type the first initial. If he or she goes by three names (like Neil Patrick Harris), type all three initials.

Whichever mode you play, you can earn stars for every answer you get right and for every achievement you unlock after every 30-second round (where you have up to three seconds only to guess the name of a celebrity). You can use stars to unlock new categories, from TV Stars and Award Winners to Musicians and Millennials.

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