India Buy iPhone Crack Tools: Who Wants to Use to Find Me

2016-11-07 3206 Posted by 3uTools

In February, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI and Apple launched a fierce battle between the smell, mainly because the FBI asked Apple to unlock a suspect used by the shooting iPhone, and extract evidence, but Apple has to be The veto.

In the end, the FBI still got his wish, cracked the suspect's iPhone, but Apple is not to help, but the use of Israeli technology company Cellebrite crack tool.

Now, this crack tool is facing the risk of large-scale proliferation.

India Buy iPhone Crack Tools: Who Wants to Use to Find Me

FSL officially announced that it had bought iPhone crackers from Cellebrite and had the right to resell the technology as a service to other governments, according to foreign media reports.

At present, India FSL and Cellebrite companies have not yet announced the details of the transaction, but there are people in the industry worried that the proliferation of crack tools may lead to the old model iPhone security is seriously threatened, and hope Apple come forward to prevent this situation happened.

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