How to Fix Stuck on “Please Wait (2/3)” Electra Error During iOS 11 Jailbreak?
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If you have chosen not to heed Saurik’s most recent warning and are still attempting to jailbreak your device using Electra in order to access Cydia, then the chances are that you are coming across a number of issues which can prevent actual liberation. Thankfully, most issues can be overcome and solved, including one whereby the Electra jailbreak process gets stuck on step 2/3, forcing a user to essentially back out of the jailbreak without success.

Once again, and like most fixes for Electra issues, the resolution involves having some technical knowledge and making changes to the internal file structure of the device. It also includes deleting files. So, if you aren’t comfortable with this type of behavior, or aren’t sure that you can troubleshoot any problems that you may face, then it’s potentially worth staying away from this. Of course, if you know what you’re doing, or you just don’t care about the repercussions, then you’re fine to dive right in.

How to Fix Stuck on “Please Wait (2/3)” Electra Error During iOS 11 Jailbreak?

Step 1: First and foremost, you are going to need to jailbreak your device using Electra beta 11.3. Once that process has been completed, download an application IPA from here and sideload it onto your device using Cydia Impactor. The device “must” be in jailbreak mode when doing this. 

Step 2: Next, reboot the iPhone and run the Electra jailbreak app from Step 1 above again to re-jailbreak the device. SSH into the hardware from your computer using apps like Cyberduck (Mac) or WinSCP (Windows), and run “uicache” from the command line.

Step 3: Now using an application that supports SFTP protocol, navigate to the usr/lib/ directory and remove the libapt-inst.dylib file.

Step 4: Navigate to etc/dropbear/ and remove entirely.

Step 5: Navigate to usr/lib/apt and remove entirely.

Step 6: Once again, perform an SSH into the device and run the following command: bash /bootstrap/unjailbreak.sh. This will entirely remove the jailbreak from the device.

Step 7: On the device itself, erase all contents and settings from Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings option. You will then need to sideload the Topanga app and use it to remove all.

Step 8: You will now need the latest Electra jailbreak version 1.0.2. Sideload the app onto the device and use it to jailbreak successfully.

That process should hopefully get you in a position where you can jailbreak without any additional issues. Remember to take good notice of all of the steps before you SSH into your device and just start deleting and moving files.

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