Apple Black Friday 2016: What to Expect?
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The Apple Black Friday 2016 deals start early in November so you don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving or for Black Friday 2016 proper to save. We are already seeing major Apple Black Friday 2016 deals that users can buy in early November.

We expect an Apple Black Friday 2016 ad for the web and in store, but the biggest deals will likely come from retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Target and others.

This is what you need to know about the 2016 Apple Black Friday deals, including the price you can expect to pay for the iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPhone, Apple TV and a variety of MacBook Black Friday deals.

The Black Friday 2016 ads will surely include a number of discounts on popular Apple products. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, but the deals start very early in the month and you don’t need to go into the stores for every deal.

We expect that many of the best Apple Black Friday 2016 deals will be available online, but you may need to go in to stores for most of the iPhone 7 Black Friday 2016 deals.

Keep your eyes on Walmart who typically offers a one-hour guarantee on a variety of products including an iPad mini or other Apple item. If you are in line during the hour window you will either get one on Black Friday or get one delivered later at Black Friday pricing.

After spending a decade shopping and covering Black Friday deals, we know what you can count on at Apple and at other retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon and Best Buy during the Black Friday 2016 season.

Apple Black Friday 2016: What to Expect?

Where to Find the Best Apple Black Friday 2016 Deals

You will find the best Apple Black Friday 2016 deals at other retailers. Apple doesn’t need to get you in the door the same way that retailers like Walmart and Target do. This means the official Apple Black Friday 2016 ad will likely include smaller discounts than you see at bigger stores.

We see this every year and don’t expect a major shift in where you will find the Apple Black Friday 2016 deals. This is especially true when it comes to iPhone 7 deals. Most of these will be at retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target — not at Apple or cell phone carrier stores.

Here’s what you need to know about the Apple Black Friday 2016 deals that you can buy now, on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday.

iPad Black Friday 2016 Deals

We expect more iPad Black Friday 2016 deals than ever this year. There is no brand new iPad, which means retailers have room to play with discounts on the entire product lineup.

You may see some older iPads mixed in as doorbusters, but you can expect a wide range of deals including some iPad Pro Black Friday 2016 deals.

* iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 inch - $150 or more off.

* iPad Air 2 - $50 to $75 off.

* iPad mini 4 - $100 to $150 off

* iPad mini 2 - $50 or more off.

We expect at least one iPad mini Black Friday 2016 deal at Walmart as part of a guaranteed in stock Thanksgiving Day deal.

You should keep an eye out for early Black Friday 2016 deals at Best Buy, Target and Walmart that cut the price of many iPads close to the lowest of the year.


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