Google Has Hired Apple’s Chief Chip Architect Manu Gulati
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Google does appreciate Apple’s chips. Or at least the people who manufacture and develop them. The company has managed to sprite away Manu Gulati from the Cupertino giant. Gulati, who had been working with Apple since the past 8 years, joined Google within the past few weeks.

Gulati himself announced the job change through LinkedIn. Apparently, he is now the Lead SoC Architect for Google. A hire of this stature reinforces Google’s commitment to its Pixel line of hardware. Prior to Apple, he was involved with silicon giants Broadcom and AMD for nigh over 15 years.

The company has already made its intentions regarding the Pixel line clear. It is Google’s very own phone and the company expects it go go head to head with the best devices in the field. As such, it is but natural that the company hire a highly competent engineer to look after the brains of its future devices.

Google Has Hired Apple’s Chief Chip Architect Manu Gulati

Gulati is a veteran of the field. Indeed, it was he who spearheaded Apple’s efforts to create custom chips for its devices. Creating custom chip allowed the company to make the most of its hardware and accelerate processors while also increasing the efficiency. Look at iPhone battery for instance. The battery capacity often ranges around 2000 maH while Android devices mostly have batteries ranging up to 5,000 maH with 2,000 at the lower end.

Still, Apple devices are known for their battery life and quick charge capabilities. Among other things, this is thanks to the custom manufactured chis inside its devices. Google is now looking to hardware accelerate its Pixel range of devices as well, and make sure that they are able to take on iPhone head on — instead of playing second fiddle.

Software of course, is Google’s forte. And with the correct hardware to back it, the company could carve out a niche similar to the one Apple has created for itself. And Gulati with over 27 years of experience in manufacturing chips, could be nigh instrumental in the efforts.

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