Apple Will Skip iPhone 8 and iPhone 9, Will Launch iPhone10 in 2017, Say Analysts
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The year 2017 will mark iPhone’s 10th anniversary in the market, and Apple is expected to celebrate it in style with a completely new iPhone launch. Recently, the Cupertino had launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and both these devices somewhat managed to live up to the hype it created before the launch.


Apple Will Skip iPhone 8 and iPhone 9, Will Launch iPhone10 in 2017, Say Analysts

There are already rumours doing the rounds about the iPhone 8 to be launched on the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone next year with some major updates and improvements. However, analysts say Apple will skip the number ‘8’, and instead will launch iPhone 10 next year to celebrate a decade in the market.


iPhone 7’s successor, which may be called as “iPhone 10” would bring huge sales for Apple, predict the analysts. In the latest quarter report shared by Apple on October 25, it showed that the Cupertino has seen a decline in iPhones sales, which is continuing from the last three quarters now.


Apple iPhone customers are holding onto their old iPhone handsets for some more time, as they are waiting for a big upgrade. They may give it away only if they come across something new, experts say.


Analyst Cowen’s Timothy Arcuri in a statement to Business Insider said, “iPhone 7 is proving an effective ‘bridge’ to the iPhone 10 super-cycle in ’17, where a powder keg of a dramatically aging installed base lurks just under the surface such that C17 Street revs/EPS are 10%+ too low. Raise target to $135, which even still seems too low.”


In the quarter ending this September, Apple has reportedly sold 45.5 million iPhone units. However, a year before, it still sold 5 percent fewer iPhones (about 48 million iPhones) in the same period.

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