How to Extend iPhone Battery Life?

2017-07-18 4713 Posted by 3utools

Problem Description:

After upgrading iDevice to the latest iOS version, some Apple users may find that their iDevice’s battery life is shorter than before. Please don’t be nervous, this tutorial aims to help you solve this kind of problems.

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life?


1. Bluetooth: Please turn off your iDevice’s Bluetooth when not in use.

2. Personal Hotspot: Personal Hotspot allows Apple users to share their network with others, please turn it off when not in use.

3. Carrier: When you stay in a place with poor signal, iDevice may search it’s carrier from time to time, please manually choose your iDevice’s carrier so as to save iDevice’s battery life.

4. Notification Center: Please turn off some unnecessary alerts according to your demands.

5. If you want to reduce power consumption, please turn off Increase Contrast in Settings -> General -> Accessibility.

6. Please turn off Reduce Motion in Settings -> General -> Accessibility.

7. Please turn off  Assistive Touch in Settings -> General -> Accessibility.

8. You’re suggested to turn off Backgroud App Refresh on your iDevice. If this function is turned on, it will consume battery life and traffic.

9. Launch Settings app, click Privacy -> turn on Location Services, and then you’re suggested to turn off some unnecessary system items and softwares.

10. Backup your iDevice’s data files on the iCloud.

11. Cellular: Please turn off your iDevice’s cellular when not in use.

12. Please turn off your iDevice’s AirDrop. iPhone5 or iDevices above, please click Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Disable Restrictions. 

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