How to Convert Animoji to GIF on iPhone/iPad?

2017-11-21 277 Posted by 3utools

This tutorial aims to show you how to convert iPhone X Animoji to GIF the easy way and for free, complete with step by step instructions. You will need an application that can be downloaded for free from 3uTools called Workflow.

Before we start, please make sure that you have already created or have Animoji on your device.

How to Convert Animoji to GIF on iPhone/iPad?

#1.  Download workflow from 3uTools on your device. It's available for free (compatible with iOS 9 or later.)

#2. Next, launch the app, tap on Gallery tab at the top center.

#3. Next, under iPhone X section, swipe right and select “Convert Animoji to GIF.

#4. Tap on Get Workflow.

#5. Now, tap on Open.

#6. Up next, tap on the play button at the top.

#7. Next, tap on Saved to Photos in the menu.

#8. And then, you need to select the Animoji you wish to covert.

#9. The Workflow will turn Animoji into GIF. Now, tap on Share button at the top left corner.

Then, you have the option to share the GIF with your friend via Facebook, Messages, email, etc. If you want to save it to your Photo library. Tap on Save Image.

You can use this same simple tip to transform any of your favorite Animoji into a funny GIF.

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