How to Use Apple Pay on Older Macs?

2017-07-25 1461 Posted by 3uTools

Don't have a new MacBook Pro? You can still use Apple Pay to buy from dozens of online retailers if you own an iPhone with Touch ID or an Apple Watch. Here's how!

How to Use Apple Pay on Older Macs?

* Open Safari on your desktop or laptop computer.

* Navigate to a participating retailer website that offers Apple Pay on the web.

* Navigate through to the checkout process.

* Tap Checkout with Apple Pay.

* Tap Pay with Apple Pay.

* Double-check your contact information to make sure your shipping and billing address is correct.

* Grab your iPhone or lift the wrist your Apple Watch is on.

* Rest your Touch ID-registered finger on the Home button of your iPhone or press the Side button on your Apple Watch to Pay with Apple Pay.


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