iOS 11 Bugs We've Found till Now

2017-09-20 7354 Posted by 3uTools

iOS 11 Bugs We've Found till Now

iOS 11 brings tons of new features and improvements such as the all-new and customizable Control Centerpowerful multitasking features for iPadnew Files app, AR experiences using ARKit and lots more. You can experience the official iOS 11 on 3uTools.

However, as with every major release, iOS 11 also has a few bugs. We haven’t come across any major ones so far but here’s list some of the issues that have been reported in iOS 11:

3D Touch Laggy

Some users are reporting that 3D Touch is laggy on older iPhones like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

#Suggestion: We haven’t noticed any noticeable difference in performance. You may want to hard reset your iPhone to see if it helps.

Home button Lag

Some users are reporting that there is a lag when they close the app to go the Home screen. We haven’t observed any noticeable lag. But it is also a good idea to wait for at least 24 hours as

#Suggestion: We haven’t observed any noticeable lag. But it is also a good idea to wait for at least 24 hours as the iOS device is indexing all sorts of things after installing a new update.

iCloud Photo Library

Khamosh reports: After I take a screenshot, it uploads it and then deletes the full resolution image. So I have to redownload it 5 mins later, which is a pain and very slow. It got so bad that I had to turn off iCloud Photo Library on the iPad.

#Suggestion: Try clearing up some storage space.

Status bar Colors Invert

Khamosh reports: On the iPad sometimes the status bar colors invert.

#Suggestion: You may want to hard reset your iOS device to see if it helps.

iOS 11 UI issues

If you like paying a lot of attention to details, then you should check out Ryan Lau’s post where he diligently points out all the UI issues in iOS 11.

Source: iPhonehacks

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