Which Is Better, iOS10.1.1 or iOS10.2 Beta1?

2017-07-27 1850 Posted by 3uTools

Apple has released official 10.1.1 and iOS10.2 Beta1 recently. But which one would you prefer to update, iOS10.1.1 or iOS10.2 Beta1? Let’s list some new features of these two updates.


Which Is Better, iOS10.1.1 or iOS10.2 Beta1?

iOS10.1.1, the third official update on the iOS10 operating system, fixes the bugs including an issue where Health data could not be viewed for some users. iOS10.1.1 can be downloaded as a free over-the-air update on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models compatible with iOS10


Apple rolled out the public beta of iOS10.2 beta 1, opening up the latest version of the mobile operating system to everyone who has signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program. WhileiOS 10.1 was focused almost entirely on the Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.2 is packed with interesting features. The most exciting part of iOS10.2 will be the addition of more than 70 new Unicode 9 emoji. There is a Videos app widget in the Notification Center and a new menu to Preserve Settings for the Camera app.


Which Is Better, iOS10.1.1 or iOS10.2 Beta1?

iOS10.2 Beta1 has more new features than iOS10.1.1, but these two updates have the same fluency and battery consumption. You are recommended to update iOS10.2 Beta1 or you could update after official iOS10.2’s releasing. As for iPhone7 and iPhone6s users, you may not find any difference between iOS10.1.1 and iOS10.2 Beta1. But iPhone6 and iPhone before iPhone6 users are not suggested to update iOS10. Because it may not be fluent while using after updating. 

If you want to update to iOS10, you could easily update iOS10.1.1 and iOS10.2 Beta1 by using 3uTools. 

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