What Should You Do Before Upgrade iDevice to iOS11?

2017-06-06 411 Posted by 3uTools

Apple officially released iOS11 to iOS developers and testers today, a lot of Apple users can hardly wait to upgrade their iDevice to iOS 11. You are not able to download iOS 11 firmware without developer account, but don’t worry, you may upgrade iDevice to iOS 11 using 3uTools later.


What Should You Do Before Upgrade iDevice to iOS11?

Note: iPhone5, iPhone 5c and iPad 4 can not be upgraded to iOS11.


Before upgrade your iDevice to iOS11, you’re suggested to follow the steps below:

* Backup your iDevice using 3uTools or iTunes.

* Make sure that your iDevice has enough storage space.

* Update iTunes to the latest version.

* Unpair Apple watch.

* Ensure the battery life of your iDevice is sufficient.

* You’d better save a stable iOS 10 firmware package on your computer.

* Don’t install iOS 11 beta on your most-used iDevice.


The tips we mentioned above aims to protect your iDevice, because the iOS11 beta version may not stable enough. 

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