How to Clean iPhone Garbage Using 3uTools?

2016-08-31 37447 Posted by 3uTools

Some Apple users may meet with the problem that iPhone’s running speed becomes more and more slowly.  In addition, they can find a lot of useless garbage in their iDevices, and these garbage occupies lots of storage space. Do you want to improve the running speed of your iPhone? This tutorial is mainly teaching you how to clean iPhone’s garbage using 3uTool, after you do the following operations, your iPhone will run faster. 

Note: 3uTools is unable to clean app’s trashes on unjailbroken iDevices above 8.3.

Step 1: Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest 3uTools on your PC. Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable.

Step 2: Click “Toolbox”→ then click “ Garbage Cleaner”.

How to Clean iPhone Garbage Using 3uTools?

Step 3. You just need to choose the items you want to clean and click “Clean”.

How to Clean iPhone Garbage Using 3uTools?

Step 4: Please wait until this process is completed, and your iPhone will reboot after this operation. 

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