Apple Releases New Apple Arcade 'A New World to Play In' ad on YouTube

2020-02-03 1576 Posted by 3uTools

The new Apple Arcade ad "A New World to Play In," highlights the appeal of the service to all ages, and how it's available worldwide across all Apple devices.

Apple Releases New Apple Arcade 'A New World to Play In' ad on YouTube

Still from the "A New World to Play In" YouTube promotion for Apple Arcade

Following its takeover of the main Apple website on Sunday, Apple Arcade is now also the focus of a new ad that has been released to YouTube. "A New World to Play In," is a 68-second promotion that champions Apple Arcade's wide appeal and availability.

It features a combination of users playing games all over the world, plus selected characters from those games. Both real-life users and gameplay characters are depicted as singing Dean Martin's 1960s hit song, "Welcome to My World."

In total, seven games are featured, and with the exception of "Little Orpheus," all have previously had their own one-off Apple Arcade trailers on YouTube.

In sequence, the new ad features "Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm", "Skate City", "Little Orpheus," "What the Golf," "Lego Brawls," "Shinsekai: Into the Depths," and "Ultimate Rivals: The Rink."

Source: Appleinsider

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