iPhone 11 Running iOS 13 With Dark Mode Pictured in 3D Renders

2019-03-14 1232 Posted by 3uTools

iPhone 11 running iOS 13 with Dark Mode pictured in 3D renders After many years, the reign of LCD technology in the mobile world seems to be coming to an end. With the price of OLED displays steadily decreasing over the past couple of years, more and more companies are willing to implement the technology even in mid-range offerings.

iPhone 11 Running iOS 13 With Dark Mode Pictured in 3D Renders

This hardware trend is also affecting the development of apps, games, and even the two major mobile operating systems. Thanks to the ability of OLED panels to completely turn off black pixels, more developers are realising the potential Dark Mode has when combined with the new technology.

Not that there hasn’t been apps and themes in the past that have made everything on our smartphones darker, but now that OLED technology is becoming increasingly commonplace, companies are really getting into designing interfaces that are better suited for night-time use.

Pretty much all major companies, including Google, Samsung, and Apple, are going to offer built-in Dark or Night modes on their devices starting this year. Android Pie and Samsung’s One UI have already flipped the switch, while Apple is widely rumored to be working on such a mode for iOS 13.

With this in mind, and having seen the new Dark Modes on Android Pie and One UI, we thought we'd let the creative juices flow and imagine what it could look like in iOS 13, on the iPhone XI (or iPhone 11, because maybe Roman numerals were an anniversary-only thing for Apple).

Source: phonearena

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