Google Releases Chrome 73 With Support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode

2019-03-13 112 Posted by 3uTools

Google today released Chrome 73, the newest stable version of its Chrome browser for Mac and Windows. Chrome 73 has been in beta testing since February, with several new features included. 

macOS Mojave, Chrome 73 introduces support for Dark Mode. The browser window will display the darker colored theme automatically whenever Dark Mode on Mojave is enabled. Dark Mode in Chrome looks similar to the darker toolbar available when using Chrome in Incognito Mode. 

Google Releases Chrome 73 With Support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Other new features in Google Chrome include tab grouping for better organizing multiple tabs, support for keyboard media keys, and an automatic picture in picture option enabled when swapping away from an active video. 

There's a new Sync and Google Services section under Settings to make it easier to control data collection settings and other options, spell checking improvements, and a new badge API that will let web app icons include a visual indicator for things like unread item counts.

There are a number of 
changes for developers in Chrome 73, including signed HTTP exchanges, constructable style sheets, and support for Progressive Web Apps on Mac. 

Multiple security fixes have been addressed in Chrome 73, with Google outlining security updates in a blog post. Chrome 73 can be downloaded using the update button in Chrome if you already have it installed or through the Chrome website

Source: macrumors

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