Super Mario Run Become Most Popular Free App On iTunes, Followed By Snapchat

2016-12-27 2799 Posted by 3uTools

Super Mario Run Become Most Popular Free App On iTunes, Followed By Snapchat

Super Mario Run, according to parent Nintendo, is a game you can “play with one hand”. The character runs wild in the new version, from course to course, and jump to jump, not entirely unlike earlier versions of the game which dates back to 1981. The latest version is so successful it is the top free download on Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iTunes.

Super Mario Run is ahead of several other games, and some of the most popular online products in the world. Two other games on the list of the top 10 downloads are Geometry Dash and Bitmoji  Also one the list are Snapchat, Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) YouTube, and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Another game which makes the list is the unfortunately name The Moron Test. Rounding out the top 10 is 8 Ball Pool.

iTunes is the glue which attachs customers to the iPhone 7, and thus is among the most important of Apple’s initiatives. CEO Tim Cook recently said people have download 140 billion apps, and roughly 500 million games. He commented:

“The App Store has forever changed the world of software and forever has changed all of our lives. It is phenomenal, and the growth is literally off the charts.”

The popularity of Super Mario Run tells us something about how our lives have changed forever? That may be a stretch, but it still tells how people want to spend their precious time.

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