Luca Todesco Successfully Jailbreaks iPhone XS Max Running iOS 12
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Italian developer and renowned jailbreaker Luca Todesco is back with some news that will delight the jailbreak community. The enigmatic and often abrasive developer has once again taken to Twitter to confirm that he has successfully jailbroken his new iPhone XS Max hardware running iOS 12.

In terms of actually jailbreaking iOS 12, Todesco is a little way behind the China-based Pangu Team which confirmed back in September that it had managed to successfully jailbreak iOS 12running on Apple’s iPhone XS.

Luca Todesco Successfully Jailbreaks iPhone XS Max Running iOS 12

Todesco had also confirmed that his iOS 12 beta hack was still relevant in the production release of iOS 12 but was waiting on getting his hands on iPhone XS Max to validate whether or not there were any hardware concerns or restrictions in place that would thwart his attempts. We now have that confirmation:

The subsequent replies to the tweet show confirmation from Todesco that he has managed to successfully jailbreak the iPhone XS Max and that he has restored the device back to running stock iOS firmware and is currently using the hardware as his main device. As expected, the Italian was also pushed by his followers on whether or not a jailbreak would be released into the community to support Apple’s latest hardware and firmware combinations but there was no reply forthcoming to either confirm or deny whether or not that would happen.

As we know, Todesco was the developer responsible for the Yalu and Yalu102 jailbreaks and has provided a lot of value to the community outside of those releases. With that said, whether or not he will pick up where Yalu left off and once again contribute to the community in the form of an iOS 12 jailbreak is entirely up for debate.

One thing is for sure; there is a lot of attention being paid to Apple’s iOS 12 platform and definitely enough interest to suggest that we will be able to welcome a jailbreak into the world sooner rather than later.

As always, if anything progresses on this we will be sure to keep you informed.

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